Founded in 1993, AllianceBenefits has become the industry leader in employee benefits advisory. Our goal is to be the value and service leader of employee benefits, risk management and financial service in the Mid-Atlantic States.

AllianceBenefit's team consists of experts in employee benefits plan design, compliance, technology and administration. We have the knowledge at our disposal to create employee benefit plans that meet each of our clients' unique needs, remain in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations, create our own administration software, and carry out the day-to-day plan administration with accuracy and efficiency.

Our in-house Employer and Participant Services teams open the lines of communication between us, and our clients and participants. We assign each of our clients to a dedicated member of the Employer Services team – a Client Liaison – so each client gets personalized help from someone who is familiar with their benefits. Plan participants talk with a group of representatives that understands the employee's perspective and provides the best possible guidance when questions arise.

Our founders, Rob Cohen & Wayne McPartland have spoken nationally to insurance executives, major investors, associations and to HR professionals on strategic plan design, consumer-driven health care, health reform, legal & legislative compliance, incentives, wellness and consu


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